The Dream


Dec 26 Tues - Special Winter Solstice Xmas Gong Bath
12.26.2017 - 12.26.2017
Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona




  Sacred sound * Sacred silence


Soul transformation


 Quantum healing




Want to Change Your Life Right Now Forever?


Enjoy a Life-transforming Quantum Gong Oneness Immersion.

An uplifting chord of cosmic consciousness delivered to your soul!


Heal with the natural Rhythm of the Universe. A super Pulse of Power.

A Wave of Wonder. The Vibration of Vitality. And the Frequency of Fun!


You’re invited to expand. Get bigger. Go global. Go universal. Go divine.

Bask in the Heartbeat of Heaven. Your love, health & abundance will sky rocket!


For thousands of years, the Sacred Sound of the Gong has passed down through generations as a way of healing, increasing your vibration & opening doors to Spirit.


Shift your old unhelpful personal patterns into new useful blueprints for happiness!

Through the Gong I share with you:


The gift of my 40 years of alchemy connection with the Ascended Masters.


The power of my 40 years aligning human energy pathways with the acupuncture meridians & the Planetary Ley Lines of the Earth.


You are transformed by a 40 inch Meinl Wu Xing hand-crafted Gong


Wu Xing carries to you the frequency of the fundamental Five Elements of Life: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Air. From these elements the Gong is created & used to balance life within you & the Universe.


My Gong is a living, breathing Aware Being—a Shaman, a Wizard & a Great Master Healer. The Gong shares with you vibrationally all the Wisdom of the Ages through its vast spectrum range of Sacred Sound frequencies.


GONG VIDEO - Take a moment & feel how this video of my Gong makes you feel. Of course, it’s much more powerful when done live specifically for you with love, skill & intention.


Optional donation $15

11248 N 11th St Phoenix 85020


Directions: 602.861.2631 or Keith at